Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping is a valuable tool used by organizations that are looking to monitor, evaluate and improve their operations and customer service to better serve their customers.

Mystery Shopping is used in a range of industries including:

  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Service Industries
  • Fast Food and Restaurant
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation

What would I have to do as a Mystery Shopper?

As a mystery shopper you would be expected to visit our client's locations and perform evaluations based on pre-determined criteria.


Can I be a full time Mystery Shopper?

Mystery shopping is not a full time job. Mystery shopping provides an opportunity to earn extra spending money and to enjoy the products or services our clients offer. For example, when eating in our client's restaurants you would order food as you normally would, you would then be paid to provide feedback to our clients through our online reporting systems.


How many shops can I do per month and how do I find them?

At the beginning of each month, PerformaLogics provides a list of available shops through our Shopper Services area on our website. This list details all the shops that need to be completed for the month. You are responsible for logging onto the site and selecting the shops as you like, however, there may be restrictions on which shops you can do (for example you might not be able to shop the same location two consecutive months in a row).


How do I know what to do when I am shopping?

PerformaLogics provides you with all the information and training you need to begin shopping. We provide detailed instructions for each client you shop for.


Do I have to pay a fee to register with PerformaLogics?

No! You should NEVER be charged a fee to list with a mystery shopping company.


How much and how often do I get paid?

The pay depends on a range of factors including how far you have to travel, how long you spend in the store, and if you are required to make a purchase. Typically shops pay from $14 for quick basic shops to $30 or more in situations where a more detailed shop is required. Every project has different pay scale and you will be informed of the pay for each project as they are launched.

Shoppers are paid in the third week of the following month, by direct deposit, for all shops completed during a specific calendar month. E.g. for all shops performed in September, you would be paid in October.


What else do I need to know to Mystery Shop with PerformaLogics?

To shop with us you will be expected to:

  • Submit your reports on time (within 24 hours of each shop).
  • Observe and meet all deadlines that are posted on our website.
  • Regularly check your email for updates and important correspondence from PerformaLogics.
  • Read and follow all instructions online carefully.

If I want to shop with PerformaLogics what do I do now?

First, read the and accept the User Agreement on the next page. Once you have accepted the User Agreement, you will proceed to the application page.

Once you have applied, you will be contacted when we have shopping opportunities in your area. Due to the volume of applications, we request that you do not call or email to ask if we have shops available. We will notify you as soon as shops are available in your area.


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